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The Benefits of Having ITSM, PPM and iPaaS on a Single Platform for IT Leaders and CIOs

Anyone running an IT department knows it’s critical to ensure IT has the right tools in place to manage operations, projects, services and resources in the most efficient manner possible. Not only does this help with resource drain, but streamlined processes and communication help keep everything running smoothly and projects on track for success.

What you may not know is that there are codeless work management solutions that bring tickets, projects and integrations together on a single platform.

If your goal is to streamline processes and open up communication and transparency throughout your organization, one way to achieve this is by having an integrated platform that combines IT Service Management (ITSM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and integration and automation (iPaaS).

Doing so can provide a comprehensive solution that enables effective resource capacity planning, improved communication between various teams, and overall enhanced transparency into the work being done both inside IT and with various departments throughout your organization.

Working Better Together

Having ITSM, PPM and iPaaS on a single, codeless platform ensures that processes are streamlined from beginning to end. By combining ITSM, PPM and iPaaS within one solution, teams can complete tasks quickly without needing to move between multiple different tools or platforms. This not only speeds up service delivery but also contributes significantly to cost savings due to reduced man-hours spent managing resources.

Additionally, when these tools are on a codeless platform you can democratize workflow and integration building so IT resources aren’t bogged down with requests. This means you can cut down on your integration backlogs while still maintaining visibility, security and governance over the connections and automations being built outside of IT.

And by allowing technically inclined employees in groups like HR, marketing or facilities to integrate and automate their own processes and integrate their tools – you increase transparency into the work being done throughout your organization. This transparency allows stakeholders to make better informed, data-driven decisions about strategy, cutting down on the silos that can exist within larger businesses. And groups outside of IT will be happy to not have to put projects on hold while they wait out backlogs and resource constraints.

Improved Visibility Can Drive Business Success

One of the biggest advantages of having all three solutions on a single platform is increased visibility – the ability for IT leaders and CIOs to gain insights into how their team’s performance is affecting the bottom line.

With real-time analytics available at their fingertips, they can determine which resources are underutilized or overworked and make informed decisions as needed. This helps them better allocate resources where they’re most needed while avoiding any potential bottlenecks that might arise due to a lack of foresight into changes happening in the workplace environment.

Additionally, improved communication between teams ensures everyone remains updated about tasks at all times; thus helping organizations stay ahead of competitors vying for market share.

Festival Foods, a grocery store chain that operates about 40 grocery stores and supports 9,000 employees with an IT staff of 40, including a seven-member service desk, also uses TeamDynamix for ITSM, PPM and iPaaS.

“Before, we had no project governance process,” Alex Turek, IT service desk manager, explained. “It was very ad-hoc. Whoever could scream the loudest got the most IT resources. Finding a tool that also included PPM was huge.”

Managing projects and IT services within the same platform has brought significant benefits, leading to improved efficiency and accountability.

“Technicians can see their project work and their IT work in one space,” Turek said. “This means it’s easier to communicate and ensure follow-through. Project managers can assign tasks to my service desk team within the same dashboard they’re using to resolve tickets. Those pop right up, helping them be aware of all their tasks and priorities so they can easily meet their deadlines.”

The next step for Turek and his team is to leverage the integrated Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) capabilities within TeamDynamix to automate their most repetitive processes.

“We’re looking to automate tasks such as password resets, user account deactivation, user onboarding and other tasks we do often, so we can reduce the daily workload on our team,” Turek said.

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