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Bowdoin Supercharges End-User Communication with iPaaS


At Bowdoin College, there’s a hyper-focus on providing an excellent client experience. One of the keys to success is having efficient and effective processes in place, as well as solid communication. To help with these efforts, Bowdoin has implemented an enterprise integration and automation tool from TeamDynamix, also known as iPaaS (integration platform as a service). By using iPaaS, the team at Bowdoin has been able to automate a lot of the redundant daily and weekly tasks, as well as some more complex tasks, allowing them to focus their time on the client experience.

Jason Pelletier, Senior Director of Client Services and Technology at Bowdoin College, said many of the flows they’ve built within iPaaS focus on how they’re getting messages to customers, making sure communication and transparency are prioritized, “We leverage the full capabilities of the notification process within the iPaaS flows, and that allows us to manage the client experience so that it doesn’t just feel like a robot sending a message.”

iPaaS can send these wonderful, high-quality messages to our internal and external clients where they are, be it Teams, email or SMS.
- Jason Pelletier, Senior Director of Client Services and Technology

Bettering Client Communication with iPaaS

“One of my passions is really around service and the experience we can provide our customers and clients,” Pelletier said. “So, one area I think many people don’t talk much about when they’re talking about iPaaS is the opportunity it creates to foster excellent internal and external client experiences.” For Pelletier and his team, this was the first area they focused on when implementing iPaaS, “We wanted to look at how we could enhance the client experience through integration and automation,” he said. So, the first iPaaS use cases revolved around providing high-quality automated response notifications for internal and external clients.

“iPaaS can send these wonderful, high-quality messages to our internal and external clients where they are. So, for example, the message can go to them via email or Microsoft Teams if they use Teams. It can send chats with SMS messaging through Twilio and a variety of other platforms,” Pelletier said.


iPaaS offers us the opportunity to foster excellent internal
and external client experiences.


Using iPaaS to Gather Customer Feedback

In addition to improving communication, the team created workflows that auto-close tickets and initiate a sequence to send a survey. According to Pelletier, they use iPaaS to create a closed ticket report and that report informs the survey platform (integrated through iPaaS) to send out a survey so the college can get feedback more efficiently and effectively. “With this flow, a survey is sent automatically within five days of the ticket being closed,” Pelletier said. “This better ensures that the request details are fresh in the client’s mind which allows them to provide more honest feedback and increases the likelihood that they will give feedback in the first place.” Since launching this workflow, the college has seen an uptick in responses.


We are always thinking about and making sure that we are using iPaaS to enhance the experience for both our technicians, agents, staff, as well as our customers.


Bettering the Customer Experience with iPaaS

Another way Pelletier and team are using iPaaS to create a better experience is using the tool to standardize the user interface for all clients. Because Bowdoin uses TeamDynamix for their IT Service Management tool, clients are used to their service catalog interface and forms. Using iPaaS, Pelletier has connected Status Hub to the service catalog so customers can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to notifications about outages or maintenance without having to leave the page they are on, “It’s nice to keep customers where they are, using an interface they are familiar with,” he said.

Finally, they are using iPaaS to notify agents of positive survey results in real-time, as well as notifying managers of problems so they can be addressed quickly and proactively without having to wait for the daily reports to run. “One little quote that’s always ringing through my mind is from the Disney Institute - ‘An organization must cultivate internal customer service with the same intentionality as external customer service.’ That’s why we’re thinking about, and making sure we are, using iPaaS to enhance the experience for both our technicians, agents and staff, as well as our customers,” Pelletier said.