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How to Fast Track Digital Transformation with Limited Resources

There’s no question that 2020 presented a number of challenges for organizations across the nation – including state and local governments. So, it’s not surprising that a recent survey from GovTech found that the pandemic has accelerated cities’ efforts to serve their citizens digitally while using limited resources and aging technology. For most, 2020 has re-shaped the digital transformation roadmap and new priorities are emerging. According to the survey, CIOs with state and local governments list the following as their top priorities moving into the years ahead:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Budget and cost control
  3. Citizen engagement/experience
  4. Disaster recovery/continuity of operations
  5. Business process automation

One way to address several of these priorities is an emerging technology referred to as Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS. iPaaS is a cloud-based platform that connects different systems, technologies and applications; and enables organizations to deploy and maintain integration flows without needing to use middleware or specialized hardware between a company and third-party software. Simply put, iPaaS allows for seamless, secure integrations and process automations that can save both time and money – two of the most valuable resources.

Where Cities Need Help

In the GovTech survey, participants highlighted 5 key areas where they felt they had gaps. These areas are:

  • Cybersecurity (75%)
  • Application building, integration and modernization (57%)
  • Data analytics/business intelligence (55%)
  • Process improvement and modernization (50%)
  • IT support and help desk (45%)

It’s clear cybersecurity, budget constraints and process automation are top of mind for most state and local governments. iPaaS can be a great tool to fill these gaps without needing to hire more staff.

What to Look for in an iPaaS Solution

There are many options out there, but for maximum ROI you should focus on platforms that have the following features or functionalities:

  • Codeless, drag and drop flow builder so anyone can build new workflows and applications.
  • Out-of-the-box connectors to the systems you use every day.
  • API Management
  • The ability to transform and harmonize data across connectors.

By partnering with the right vendor, you can fast track your digital transformation and address key priorities – all on one easy-to-use platform. Interested in learning more about iPaaS from TeamDynamix? Head over to our iPaaS page and sign up for our upcoming webinar.

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