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Better Together: ITSM + PPM Help U of Oregon Deliver Top-Notch Service


At the University of Oregon, they are using TeamDynamix for both IT service management (ITSM) and project portfolio management (PPM). This single platform approach to managing ITSM with PPM is helping the university to provide top-notch service for staff and students, as well as create a unified IT community throughout the university.

Michelle Brown, Assistant Director of IT for the Division of Student Life, has been with the university’s IT organization for a long time – starting back when she, herself, was a student at the University of Oregon.

“They offered me a job to continue doing what I was doing when I graduated, and I never left,” Brown said. “I believe in the mission of higher education. I go to work every day and know that what I’m doing matters.”


“It’s amazing how many different types of support our staff need to support our students,” she continued. “Everything from just the standard computer at my desk, to remote support in Kenya. We help people with laptops, mobile devices, create websites, research and development, assessment – all across the board.”

Brown said, as a result, the support the IT organization provides is more business-oriented.

“The importance of community on campus can’t be understated,” Brown said. And that extends to the IT organization.

Using TeamDynamix for ITSM and PPM, Brown said, has helped to support that community feel, “TeamDynamix brings us all together.”